Integrated quality management

Under the guiding principle "WIKA achieves high customer satisfaction through quality and reliability", all manufacturing subsidiaries worldwide are certified, at the very least, to the current issue of ISO 9001. For several years the slogan "WIKA quality - no compromise" has been at the heart of an extensive quality offensive within WIKA. The ultimate goal of this is to constantly improve the market and customer orientation as well as our focus and activities on quality through satisfied and highly-motivated staff, and thus produce enthusiasm among our customers.

In recent years, the key quality indicators have been significantly improved. For the company's management, the forceful continuation of these quality improvement programmes in the future is a top priority.

The shift in the strategic orientation of quality focus from reaction to prevention has been completed. Here, WIKA has drawn on the latest techniques in quality and analysis. Production processes are designed around the KAIZEN philosophy, and continuously improved. Complex quality problems are worked on in a structured way by in-house Black Belts using the Six Sigma Method, thus ensuring a lasting solution. Quality problems in day-to-day operations are handled, solved and processes improved by multidisciplinary teams.


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