Models GFU08-B, GFU08-C, GFU08-E, GFU08-W

SF₆ gas cart

For emission-free filling and refilling

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Applications of the SF6 gas cart

  • Emission-free filling and refilling of SF₆ gas compartments
  • Generation of emissions reports in accordance with IPCC directives

Special Features of the SF6 gas cart

  • Ergonomic design and robust design enables easy transportation
  • Precise refilling thanks to the high-accuracy scales with large digital display (option)
  • Large selection of vacuum pumps for every application (option)

Description of the SF6 gas cart

Modular design of the SF6 gas cart series
The GFU08 series of modular gas cylinder transport carts are used for the filling and refilling of SF6 gas in the required gas compartment. The modular design enables worldwide application through the various mechanical and electrical connections.

The model range of the SF6 gas cart series is divided into 4 versions:

  • Model GFU08-B: Filling cart
  • Model GFU08-W: Filling cart with scales
  • Model GFU08-E: Filling cart with vacuum pump
  • Model GFU08-C: Filling cart with scales and vacuum pump

High-performance vacuum pumps
Models GFU08-E and GFU08-C of the SF6 gas cart series are fitted with vacuum pumps. With these, the air is extracted from the SF₆ gas compartments so that, afterwards, a professional filling can be made with SF₆ gas.

The basic version of the vacuum pump (model GVP-10) already has a suction throughput of 10 m³/h for fast
pumping out, down to a final partial pressure of ≤ 2.0 x 10-2 mbar [< 1.5 x 10-2 Torr].

For larger volumes, more powerful vacuum pumps are available, with a suction throughput of up to 44 m³/h. With 2-stage pumps, the final pressure can be reduced down to < 2.0 x 10-3 mbar [< 1.5 x 10-3 Torr]. The risk of either too high humidity or air concentration in the SF6 gas compartment is therefore not a consideration.

High-accuracy scales
High-accuracy scales determine exactly the filled SF₆ gas volume. Thus, the SF6 gas cart model GFU08 is an ideal tool for using the mass-balance method in accordance with the IPCC directive for the preparation of emission reports. The flat design of the scales enables easy loading and unloading of the heavy gas cylinder by only one person.

SF<sub>6</sub> gas cart, model GFU08-B, basic version

SF6 gas cart, model GFU08-B, basic version

  • SF<sub>6</sub> gas cart, model GFU08-B, basic version
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