Models 422.12, 423.12

Diaphragm pressure gauge

Grey cast iron case

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  • For measuring points with increased overload
  • The model 423.12 with liquid-filled case is suitable for high dynamic pressure loads and vibrations
  • For gaseous and liquid media
  • For mining, environmental technology, machine building and general plant construction
  • With the open connecting flange option also for contaminated and viscous media

Special features

  • Compatible with switch contacts
  • Threaded or open flange process connection
  • Scale ranges from 0 … 16 mbar


Diaphragm pressure gauges are preferably used for low pressure ranges. Through the large working surface of the circular, corrugated diaphragm element, small pressure ranges can be measured reliably.

The diaphragm pressure gauges are manufactured in accordance with EN 837-3. The robust design is particularly suitable for applications in machine building, plant construction and in the water and wastewater industry.

The upper measuring flange with case and the lower measuring flange are made from one cast part, respectively.

The instrument is used for the measurement of gaseous and liquid media that will not attack cast steel.

For the measurement of highly viscous, crystallising or contaminated media, the use of an open connecting flange is recommended. The open connecting flange has the advantage over a threaded connection that the pressure port cannot become blocked. With an additional flushing connection on the open connecting flange, the pressure chamber can be easily cleaned.

Measuring systems with diaphragm elements, on the grounds of their design, offer good protection from overload, since the diaphragm can support itself against the upper flange. As standard, the diaphragm pressure gauges already feature an overload safety of 3 times the full scale value. Optionally, higher overload safeties can be realised.

Diaphragm pressure gauge
  • Diaphragm pressure gauge
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