WIKA creates your E-Catalogue based on your requirements and needs. We support online- as well as static catalogues in different formats.

Online Catalogue

With our personalised transaction platform, we provide to you a dynamic, web-based product catalogue which specifically meets your needs. This catalogue offers, beside the usual product information like pictures, data sheets etc. the opportunity to create your application wishes by using the integrated configurator.

Apart from the detailed information provided to you in your catalogue, we offer standard interfaces (OCI / XML Format ) to your computer system. Your ERP system is enriched with the latest master data and the foundation for an ideal automatic order process is laid. In addition, we can import your order directly from your basket into our ERP system.

Static product catalogue

We provide you with an electronic catalogue, which includes different standards (for example BMEc@t) and exactly matches to your requirements. This personalized catalogue includes multimedia elements and your preferred data fields.